Frequently Asked Questions

What is MealTime Online?
MealTime Online is a secure web site which you can use to:
  • Make credit-card payments online into cafeteria accounts
  • View cafeteria account purchases
  • View payments made online
  • Apply for free or reduced price school meals

How do I get started?
When you first visit , you will first need to create a profile. Click the Create new profile link and provide the required information. Once a profile is created, you can sign in using this username and password.

What do I need on my computer to use this service?
MealTime Online can be accessed from any Internet browser supporting 128-bit encryption for security. This includes, but is not limited to, Internet Explorer 7 or higher and current versions of Mozilla FireFox, Apple Safari, and Google Chrome.

Is an email address required in order to use MealTime Online?
Yes. MealTime Online requires an email address to setup your profile. Your email address will be used to send confirmations of your online deposit. You will also get an email if you have forgotten your password and ask to have it reset. Your email address is secure and will not be sold to a third party.

Is there a fee for the MealTime Online Payment service?
There is a small website use fee for making Deposits on this website which will be displayed prior to payment.

After viewing a page for a while, I click on a link, and I end up back at the Login screen. Why does this happen?
When there is no activity on a page for 20 minutes you are automatically logged out for security reasons.

How do I change my personal information such as my email address or password?
To change the personal information for your MealTime Online profile, simply sign in and click Profile at the top of the page. Make the changes necessary and click "Update Profile".

Is my personal information shared with any other companies?
The information that you provide as part of your profile setup is used only for the purposes of using MealTime Online. It will never be shared with nor sold to any other parties outside of this purpose. Please see our Privacy Policy for specific terms.

What precautions has MealTime Online taken to protect my privacy?
MealTime Online respects your right to privacy. Your personal information is never sold to any 3rd parties. We do not store or keep any of your credit card information.

MealTime Online has taken several steps to protect the security of your online transactions. We use a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) connection which provides 128-bit encryption of all deposit/credit card information. MealTime Online uses a Server Digital ID Certificate through Symantec. Once your SSL connection is established, your browser window will indicate either a "closed padlock" or an "unbroken key" icon at the bottom of your browser window. SSL, 128-bit encryption, and a Server Digital ID Certificate all work in tandem to ensure that nobody can get to your private, sensitive information.

See our Privacy Policy for more information.

How can I get more help?
Your student's school is the best source of information if you have questions about passcodes, student IDs, student profile information, frequency of payment processing, availability of deposits or status of your free and reduced price meal application. If you have questions about the website or payment processing, submit a detailed request here

What Are MealTime Online Terms Of Use?
The Terms of Use Policy can be viewed here.

Why is the Signin page redisplayed when I try to sign in?
To sign in, your Internet browser must have cookies enabled. MealTime Online also requires that SSL be enabled in your browser.

Why are the username and password entry fields missing when I try to sign in?
The MealTime Online website displays correctly with Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher. To determine which version of Internet Explorer you are using, from the Help menu select About Internet Explorer. If the version is older than 5.5, you must upgrade to the latest version.

I am locked out of the site. How can I clear this to retry my username and password?
Once you are locked out of the site, you must close all open instances of Internet Explorer and restart it before trying again.

My email address has changed so the new password keeps getting sent to an email address I cannot access. What can I do?
To protect student identities, we can only email new passwords to the email address on file. If you cannot retrieve email from the old address, please create a brand new MealTime Online login and then add the student to that new profile. You will need the student's Student ID or PassCode (which you can get from the school or district Nutrition Service office), to do this. You won’t lose any student history by doing this as history follows the student not the MealTime Online profile.