Create a MealTime Online User Profile

Click on the “Create new profile” link to create your MealTime Online user profile. You will create a user name and password to login to MealTime Online. Keep your user profile information secure. Do not share your password!

Add Students

Click on the "Add New Student" link to add each student to your profile using his/her PassCode or Student ID (see sidebar).

Make deposit

Click on the “Make Deposit” link next to a student's name, or on the navigation bar. You can make one credit card payment to deposit money into one or more student accounts. Click on the "View Details" link next to a student's name to view his/her cafeteria account balance, purchase history, and online deposits.

PassCodes or Student IDs?

Your school has chosen to use either PassCodes or Student IDs for adding students to your profile. You will be prompted for which number to enter.

What is a PassCode?

A PassCode is a unique identifier for each student in the MealTime Online system. An example PassCode looks like this: PHXJ2U26.

Where do I get my student's PassCode?

PassCode Notification letters are sent home with each student at participating schools. If you have lost or have not received your student's PassCode, please contact your school administrator.